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Camp Directors

Ella Donesky

Director, Early RISErs

Roger Mark

Director, Marvelous Discoveries Club

Leslie Caito-Jones

Director, Field Hockey

Arthur Gaskin

Director, Squash Camp

Stefanie Resnick

Director, Studio Playground

Caitlin (Kelly) Smith

Director, Club Med

Allie Spurling

Director, RISE Upper Camp

Steve Kidd

Director, MB Summer Theatre

Frank Luca

Director, One on One Basketball

Jorge Sammour-Hasbun

Director, Chess Camp

Matthew Bretschneider

Director, Studio Playground

Sandrine Dundas

Director, RISE Lower Camp

Paul Janaway

Director: Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball

Mike Fraioli

Director, Lacrosse Camp

Johnny Vieira

Director, Evening Soccer Clinic

Emily Chen

Director, Strings Camp

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