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Camp Directors

Jerrett Wilson

Director, RISE

As the Director of RISE, Jerrett oversees Early RISERs, Lower RISE camp and Upper RISE camp.

Roger Mark

Director, Marvelous Discoveries Club

Roger has worked as a RISE counselor since 1991. We are excited to welcome him in his first year as a Director for the Marvelous Discoveries Club!

Leslie Caito-Jones

Director, Field Hockey

Leslie is Director of Allegiance Field Hockey, and former head coach at Moses Brown.

Arthur Gaskin

Director, Squash Camp

Arthur is the Director of Squash for the Nicol Squash Club and Nicol Champions Academy in Providence.

Allie Spurling

Director, RISE Upper Camp

As the Director of Upper RISE camp, Allie supervises the Upper camp counselors, and oversees the Upper camp program.

Steve Kidd

Director, MB Summer Theatre

Steve Kidd is the Chair of the Performing Arts Department at MB and a Resident Actor at The Gamm Theatre.

Frank Luca

Director, One on One Basketball

As President of One on One Basketball RI, Frank Luca has been involved with basketball as a player and coach for 34 years.

Jorge Sammour-Hasbun

Director, Chess Camp

Jorge, former Child World Champion and World Blitz Chess Champion, has been tutoring young students nationally for more than 20 years.

Sandrine Dundas

Director, RISE Lower Camp

As the Director of Lower RISE camp, Sandrine supervises the Lower camp counselors, and oversees the Upper camp program.

Paul Janaway

Director, Soccer and Track and Field

Paul is a fully qualified European licensed coach. He played Semi Professionally and managed senior clubs in England for 21 seasons.

Mike Fraioli

Director, Lacrosse Camp

Mike is the head lacrosse coach at Moses Brown which has won two Division I State Championships under his leadership.

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