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Extended Day

Extended day is available to all families in nursery-4th grade from 3:00pm-5:30pm daily. Students will have the opportunity to play outside (weather permitting), engaged in games and crafts, and work on their homework. 

Pre-registration is required, and is completed on a semester basis. The semester cost is based on the number of days in each semester.


2023-2024 semester:

Fall: September 6th- December 14th

5-days a week: $1441

3-days a week: $998

Spring: January 2nd- June 10th

5-days a week: $2173

3-days a week: $1330


Drop in daily rate: $32

Nursery and Pre-Primary Afternoons are a continuation of the day for our nursery and pre-primary students. Students remain in their classroom with their teachers and learn and play as they do in the mornings. 
Nursery and Pre-Primary students are automatically registered for the afternoon program, and have the option of opting-out by the first day of school by emailing
Afternoons run from 12pm-3pm. All students not staying for Extended Day are required to be picked up between 2:45 pm and 3pm at their classroom. Students not picked up will be walked over to Extended Day (nursery and pre-primary Extended Day will take place in a separate location). Those not registered for Extended Day will be charged the Extended Day drop-in rate if not picked up by 3:15pm.


2023-2024 semester:

Fall Semester: $3511

Spring Semester: $5294

Drop in $65/day/student

For more information, or to register for a drop in day, please contact Kate Tompkins (

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