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RISE Camp Theme Weeks and Special Days

Early RISERs

Week of 6/24: Friendship
Join us as we celebrate friendship with activities like making friendship bracelets, playing name-games, and reading heartwarming stories. Plus, groove to the rhythm with music sessions by Miss Lindsay of Rhode Island's "Music for Children."

Week of 7/1 (no camp 7/4, 7/5): Under the Sea
Dive into a sea of fun with water play, seashell scavenger hunts, marine science experiments, and more! Don't miss our special Beach at Camp day where the beach comes to us!

Week of 7/8: Superhero Spectacular
Unleash your inner superhero with cape-making, mask-decorating, and action-packed relay races. Get ready to soar to new heights!

Week of 7/15: To the Moon and Back
Blast off on an intergalactic adventure with marshmallow constellations, DIY rocket launchers, and alien crafts. Join us for music and outdoor fun under the sun!

Week of 7/22: Mythical Creatures
Step into a world of magic and wonder as we explore mythical creatures like dragons, unicorns, and more. Let your imagination run wild!

Week of 7/29: Creepy Crawly Critters
Get up close and personal with bugs and butterflies through fun activities like insect crafts, sorting games, and outdoor exploration. Wrap up the week with a thrilling field day!

Week of 8/5: On the Farm
Experience farm life firsthand with animal-themed crafts, nature walks, and tasty treats. Don't miss our special farm visit day featuring a petting zoo!

Lower RISE

Week of 6/24: Friendship

Get ready to dive into the ultimate friendship adventure during Friendship Week! It's not just about exploring our awesome camp and campus; it's about forging bonds that'll last a lifetime. Picture this: campers getting artsy with portraits, crafting rad friendship bracelets, and mastering the art of finding common ground through interviews. But wait, there's more! We're throwing down the gauntlet and challenging our campers to create the longest friendship chain ever seen in camp history. Get ready to unleash the power of friendship like never before!

Week of 7/1 (no camp 7/4, 7/5): Beach at Camp

Get pumped for a whirlwind of beach bonanza during this action-packed week! Picture this: sandy shores, beach vibes, and a whole day dedicated to Beach at camp! We're talking epic beach games, splash-tastic water activities, thrilling balloon toss showdowns, and to top it all off, a mammoth waterslide to slide into summer fun!

Week of 7/8: Aliens!

Let's blast off to the far reaches of imagination and create a whole new galaxy of excitement! Picture this: teams embarking on a cosmic journey to design their very own planets, the wackier, the better! From crafting unique atmospheres to dreaming up fantastical landscapes and quirky life forms, the sky's not even the limit! And here's the kicker: we'll top it all off with a cosmic parade on Crazy Hat Day, proudly flaunting hats that represent our out-of-this-world creations!

Week of 7/15: Gold Rush

Get ready to strike gold because Gold Rush is making its triumphant return to RISE Lower Camp! It's the ultimate fair extravaganza that every camper looks forward to. Our counselors are gearing up to create a day jam-packed with epic contests, thrilling games, artsy decorating activities, and bubble-tastic fun that'll have everyone bubbling with excitement! But that's not all—throughout the week, we'll dive into the vibrant world of New England fairs, exploring their unique flavors and experiences. Get ready for a whirlwind of fun and festivities unlike anything you've ever seen before!

Week of 7/22: Lower RISE Got Talent

Get ready to unleash your inner superstar and dazzle the crowd! This week is all about showing off your skills in our epic mini talent show extravaganza! Whether you've got the voice of an angel, killer dance moves, mind-blowing juggling tricks, or Oscar-worthy acting chops, now's your time to shine! We're talking group acts that'll blow minds and individual performances that'll leave everyone cheering for more. So, grab the spotlight and let your talents steal the show! 

Week of 7/29: Bombardier!

Get ready to embark on the ultimate quest to catch the elusive Bombardier, the legendary creature rumored to roam the Moses Brown campus for decades! Despite countless attempts, our campers have yet to capture this mythical marvel. But hey, who knows? This year might just be our lucky break! Get ready to dive into the lore of other mythical beings and master the art of capturing one. Then, on Bombardier Day, it's all hands on deck as we rally together to outsmart, outwit, and finally catch the elusive Bombardier! Let the adventure begin!

Week of 8/5: Olympics!

Get ready to witness the ultimate showdown of athletic prowess right here at Lower RISE! While the world's eyes may be on Paris for the Summer Olympics, the real action is happening with us. Get pumped for heart-pounding races, epic games, gravity-defying gymnastics, and thrilling water slide competitions that'll leave you on the edge of your seat! Our campers are destined for greatness, bringing home medals and igniting dreams of one day taking center stage at the "real" Olympics. Let the games begin! 

Upper RISE


Week of 6/24


Week of 7/1 (no camp 7/4, 7/5): Beach Day July 2nd

Get ready to soak up the sun and dive into the ultimate summer fun! Picture this: campers facing the ultimate dilemma—hit up Newport's legendary Second Beach for a day of sandy bliss, or dive into a whirlwind of epic on-campus activities that'll have you feeling the summer vibes all day long! It's the ultimate summer showdown, where every choice leads to unforgettable adventures and endless fun in the sun!


Week of 7/8: Four Square Tourney Week

Get ready to ignite the competitive spirit because it's game on at RISE! Activity time is about to get lit with the ultimate showdown in a thrilling four square tournament! Campers, you've got two choices: step onto the court and show off your skills or rally behind your friends, cheering them on to victory! It's all about camaraderie, adrenaline-pumping action, and epic battles that'll have everyone on the edge of their seats! Let the games begin!


Week of 7/15: Tie-Dye Week

Get ready to unleash your inner fashionista because it's time to create your own epic tie-dye masterpieces! Each camper will channel their inner artist to design a totally rad t-shirt that screams summer vibes. But wait, there's more! Friends and counselors will get in on the fun, signing each other's tees as a sweet keepsake of the best summer ever! And guess what? Friday is the big day when we rock our unique creations, spreading color and smiles all around camp! Get ready to strut your stuff in style!


Week of 7/22: Talent Show Week

Get ready to be dazzled because RISE camp is bursting with talent! We've got dancers who can light up the stage, singers who can hit those high notes, magicians who can make the impossible possible, and comics who will have you rolling in the aisles! All week long, our campers are honing their skills during activity time, rehearsing for the most epic show of the summer, hitting the stage on Friday! Get ready for a spectacle that'll leave you cheering for more!


Week of 7/29: Counselor vs Counselor Basketball Game- Friday, August 2nd

Get ready to witness the ultimate showdown on the court because it's Counselor vs. Counselor Basketball Game time! Get hyped as our fearless counselors split into two epic teams, battling it out for glory and bragging rights! Campers, it's your chance to turn up the heat and cheer on your favorite team with all the energy you've got! Get ready for jaw-dropping dunks, epic three-pointers, and sideline celebrations that'll have the whole camp rocking! Let the games begin!


Week of 8/5: Movie Magic Makers Film Festival- Thursday, August 8th

Lights, camera, action! Get ready for the ultimate cinematic extravaganza at the Movie Magic Makers Film Festival! 🎬🌟 After a summer filled with creativity and collaboration, it's finally time to unveil the masterpieces crafted by our camp's very own writers, actors, and directors! Picture this: Upper RISE coming together for an unforgettable movie marathon, where we'll laugh, cry, and cheer on the big screen! Get ready to be swept away by the magic of storytelling and celebrate the incredible talents of our camp community!

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