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Grades 2-8
Day: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.: $475

Session Dates: 7/15-7/19


Young players will have fun learning to pass, shoot, and cradle the ball through tough defenders! They’ll learn about every phase of the game in an environment that is challenging and encouraging, and which always insists on good sportsmanship. And with a game every day, they’ll get to try out what they’ve learned with their friends.
The boy’s and girl’s camps run at the same time, focusing on their specific rules of the game (they do not play each other). Campers will also learn about wall-ball techniques and how to take care of their equipment.
Our coaching staff includes Moses Brown lacrosse alumni, top coaches in the high school and college community, college players, and special guest speakers. Our goal is to maintain a camper to staff ratio of 6:1.

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