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Adult Programming

Learn about the conflict in Ukraine with MB History Teacher Jon Gold


Participants in this course will have the opportunity to practice their historical thinking skills as we work together to investigate the conflict in Ukraine. Through a combination of lecture and discussion, participants will practice their historical thinking skills as they investigate the deep causes of the conflict while examining the political economy of this ongoing war. Taught by Jon Gold, MB’s 8th grade history teacher, class participants will have the chance to engage with primary and secondary source material as well as theoretical perspectives on the conflict. Participants’ questions and areas of curiosity will also guide our work, and there will be some light required reading along with ample additional resources for those who are interested. Jon has been immersed in this material with his 8th grade history students and is excited to create space for some shared learning and reflection with members of MB’s adult community.


Jon Gold has been teaching middle school history at Moses Brown since 2006. He is excited to lean into the nuance and complexity of this situation with MB adults.

Course runs for three weeks.

$100/per person

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